Lockerley Silver Band A Friendly and Welcoming Village Band
There is no official history of the band and what is shown here has been painstakingly compiled by Richard Taylor. If you know anything at all about the history of Lockerley Band, we would love to hear from you so please do contact us. 1880 - Band Established: The band was established in 1880 as a Temperance Band and the original conductor was a Mr. Issac Pritchard. He was succeeded by is son Caleb Pritchard who died sometime during the Great War in 1914 -1918. The baton was then taken over by Edwin Moody, who was instrumental in getting the band to joint the Wessex Association and so entering the competition field. 1926 - Band SuccessThe band's first success was at a contest in Romsey promoted by the Rev. E.F.M. Vokes in conjunction with the 1926 Carnival. They were awarded first prize and solo cornet medal (D Moody) and euphonium medal (L. Pritchard). Encouraged by this the band went on to win quite a number of trophies in the late 1920's and 1930's, including competing successfully two years running at the Amesbury Carnival Contest. 1935 - Band Leader Change Edwin Moody led the band until the mid 1930's when ill health caused his retirement, his son Dave Moody was appointed conductor. Dave continued in this capacity until 1949. 1949 - H.J. Stockwell takes up the batton In 1949 the band were fortunate to be able to obtain the services of Mr H.J. Stockwell of Swathling as the musical director. In 1950 he led the band to win the Wessex Brass Bands Open Championship. Another of Stockwell's great achievements was taking the band from Section 'C' to Section 'A' of the Wessex Brass Band Association in the space of 1 year. Mr Stockwell continued as MD of the band for almost 30 years, leading them to numerous contest success during that time. He also became a member of the Executive Committee of the National Brass Band Contesting Council of Great Britain and Hon. Secretary of the Wessex Brass Band Association. 1976 - H.J. Stockwell's Silver Jubilee Mr Stockwell was honoured for 25 years service with the band at a presentation during Dave Moody's golden wedding party.